Jeanette King, TVN at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

I would like to share my super hero pressure ulcer story.

I joined Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, in the capacity of a Tissue Viability Specialist Nurse, in 2008.  On my initial appointment, there hadn't been any data collection or work completed to reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers within the Trust.
I was pivotal in a pressure ulcer prevention collaborative programme that was undertaken in 2009, a project that was to run for two years.  This was a multi-factorial programme and involved 15 wards and also had the backing from the executive team.
We looked at pressure ulcer data collection and its reliability, pressure ulcer prevention education, documentation, assessment tools etc.
There was lots of meetings, sharing of information and benchmarking, we also indulged in many tests of change in order to try and improve patient outcome and reduce our hospital acquired pressure ulcer incidents.

Following the collaborative summit, a change package was devised and from this many changes were implemented throughout the hospital. We introduced new ways of improving patient care - a piece of work that has now been recognised both nationally and internationally. Pressure Ulcer prevention care was standardised throughout the Trust!
Our pressure ulcer incidence reduced dramatically following this work and we have now almost irradicated stage 3 & 4 pressure ulcers.
I have been contacted by many different Trusts, which included communication via telephone, emails and organised visits, in order to share the work that we have completed. I even communicated with a Matron/Tissue Viability nurse from Perth Hospital, Australia! We now have a robust method of pressure ulcer verification, an education programme that is pitched at various levels in order to touch every level of clinical need and has been implemented in many formats, form e-learning to competencies and one to one based education - this often involves tissue viability working at ward level during clinical activity.
I am very proud of the results that Salford Royal have achieved and enjoy sharing good practice with others in order to improve patient safety and nursing care.


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